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OBT Russe

30 nov. 2016, 16:35

The Russian version of Bless Online just concluded its Closed Beta test on November 4th and now the publisher has announced the Open Beta date. Players who purchased the “Thirst for Power” founders pack will get a head start on December 5th, while players who own a “Battle Call” pack can begin their adventure starting from December 7th. All the rest of the players can begin their Beta adventure on December 8th.

Players who are interested in the OBT can download and install the game client starting December 2nd. Those who played the CBT must update their client in order to play the OBT. The level cap of RU OBT is set at level 45. at level 45 players will be able to complete daily “King Quest” and receive valuable rewards.

The Rune system and the “Blazing Fire” content will be added to the game later.

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